Host Your Wedding At Home

So you have said “Yes!” you have sent out the invitations, you have ordered your Formal & Wedding Dresses in Brisbane, and now is the time to prep your house for a home wedding.

A home wedding can save you thousands.

Getting Stuff Done

First thing to do is believe it or not, but it is actually writing a to-do list. Deadlines, mistakes and scenarios can sway out to mammoth proportions if thing aren’t strategically plan to suit your style of home wedding.

A very thought out and methodical plan can go wrong without a contingency plan. After all there is no one set way of performing a marriage ceremony and different cultures will have different traditions which must be adhered to.

Also the brides maids dresses will need to order their bridesmaids dresses online, All of this needs to be synchronized so as all of the elements align at the time and location of the wedding.

Making The Dream Home Wedding.

Plants, plants and more plants! You can hire a bunch of indoor plants for that special day and have them delivered and placed around the wedding reception area to give a calm and sophisticated feeling to any area.

Consult your local indoor plant hire company to source the best deal to have a gorgeous natural backdrop to your wedding.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Scout through and look at all of the options for local companies that can provide and hire out both Gazebos and chairs. After all if the sun is to hot or the weather is inclement, it is a comforting thought to know that what ever mother nature provides for the day, you are prepared.

In Control

At the end of the day you will need to be in control of everything that happens at your home wedding. You will need to decide on the cuisine and also the wine list if applicable. Many cultures today have different dietary needs… So some foods may have to be imported.

Always choose a highly recommended caterer, with years of experience because after all, this is what makes the celebration!

All Set To Say “I Do”

Now that you have taken the stress out of having a wedding ceremony, It is time to be consumed in the romance and the celebration of a couple coming together for the rest of their lives.

The great romantic fantasy has been wreckoned.

Now it’s up to you both.

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