Roofing Renovations Brisbane Add Value To Your Property

Roofing Renovations Brisbane Add Value To Your Property.

In Brisbane today many home owners are opting in for roof restorations Brisbane as a cheaper way to protect their investment.

Benefits of Roof Restorations.

There are many benefits to have a roof restored as opposed to having the entire roof reconstructed. Providing the infrastructure and current health of the structure is stable, roofing restorations are an affordable way to secure and add value to your home.

There are several main materials used to build roofs in Brisbane as many home are built post WW2.

  • Asbestos
  • Corrugated Iron
  • Terra Cotta Tiles

These three main types of roofing require different approaches to restore them to their former state. In most cases it is recommended to remove an asbestos roof because of the health and safety implications of asbestosis.

A specialist must be called in to remove and replace an asbestos roof because of the danger.

Color Bond or corrugated iron roofs.

Iron roofs can become rusty in parts and start to leak and look shabby. A roof restoration will usually consist of removing the rust and applying anti rust solution. The roof is then blasted with a high pressure water jet to thoroughly clean the surface before all leaks are repaired.

A sealing coast of paint is then applied followed by a top coat which will be a color which the client or Brisbane home owner has chosen. Many companies will offer up to 15 years of warranty on their roof restoration.

Terra Cotta Roofs

Many houses in Brisbane have terra cotta or tiled roofs that will need a restoration as well. The roof will be inspected for cracked or broken tiles and those will be replaced. The roofing expert will then re-point or re-cement the loose points and caps on the roof.

Once the roof is sound, a high pressure clean will be carried out on the roof to prepare it for sealing and re-painting. Generally a sealing coat is applied before two top coats are spray painted onto the roof. This is the most effective way to renovate or restore a terra cotta roof.

Having your roof restored can add thousands to the value of the property, not to mention give your home a much needed facelift for less money than you would expect. Always use a trusted roof repair company such as

Roofing companies  Roof Replacement Brisbane | Re Roofing Experts Brisbane ( that have been in the business for a long time tend to have more experience and a good reputation.

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