Tips for Cost-Effective Air Conditioning

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When you hear the sound of an air conditioner running in your home, it is actually the sound of your banking account, which is drying up. Air conditioning and heating together make up more than half of your home energy usage. Below we are going to share some extremely effective tips for cheap to run air conditioning.

Perk Up Planting about Your Home

Our homes accumulate heat when the scorching rays of Sun directly strike the outer walls and windows of our house. It will elevate the temperature manifolds inside. The best solution to naturally cool down your interior house temperature is to make the use of tree plantation around your house. It is literally more economical to go to a nursery and buy a 20 ft. tree for your lawn than to pay for the full-time running air conditioning systems. In addition, it is found that the efficiency of your AC increases ten times if the exterior system of AC is covered with vegetation or shrubs. Furthermore, being surrounded by greenery will sooth and calm your nerves in hot summers.

Attire Your Windows

Another best solution to minimize your air conditioning bill in summers is to attire your windows with window screens or solar screens. To your surprise, these screens are found to intercept nearly 70% of the solar energy prior it comes into your house. In addition, you can also employ window films for the similar purpose. These are metalized sheets, transparent, and reflect the heat prior to its transmission through the glass screen of the windows. Solar screens work better than that of window films as you do not need to close your windows in case of solar screens, however, with window films, you have to close your windows. It is advised to place these screens on the west and east-facing windows for better results.

Chill Out in Basement

Having a basement in your house is one of the greatest blessings in summers. You can chill out and relax in this cool region of your house. All you have to acquire is a couch, TV, and a soft drink to avoid the sweating in summers. Make sure that your basement’s windows are closed when the wind outside is heavy with dampness and humidity. Otherwise, the damp and heavy humid air will be condensed inside your basement and will rise your house temperature even more.

Stop Cooking on a Stove

In the hot spells of summer, you should avoid cooking on the stove as much as possible. If you cannot do without it, cook in the evening when there is no Sun. Otherwise, use the microwave oven for baking and cooking or eat simple salad when there is too much temperature. It will help your body calm down. Always turn the exhaust fans on after you have cooked in the kitchen and after you have taken bath in the bathroom. In this way, dampness and heat will not be stored inside your house.

Replace and Maintain Your AC

It is advised to maintain you AC by cleaning its filter more often than not. In this way, the condensed particles will be removed from your ducted AC, which was lowering the efficiency of the system. Further, replace your old AC unit with the latest energy-efficient units present in the market. For air conditioner installation Brisbane click here.